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    Interior Wall Graphics

The Client

Illingworth Seddon Chartered Financial Planners have been trusted by their clients to build plans which will account for the decisions and goals they want to achieve much further down the line. They believe that creating a bespoke financial plan for each individual client is key to ensuring that their clients know where their finances are today, and where they could be in the future.


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Wall wraps

The Project

Illingworth Seddon approached Heckford to review wall wraps at their beautiful offices in the heart of Chester.  The challenge was that, as a historic building…not all walls would be even and being perfectionists (much like ourselves), the team at Illingworth wanted graphics which would be seamless without joins.

Illingworth Seddon logo

Our Solution

Wall vinyl mimics the surface behind it so it’s important to make sure that all walls are flush prior to work, as such…our team stripped off the existing graphics and undertook correction work across all of the walls to ensure that they were smooth.  We then selected a specialised wall vinyl which allowed us to wrap areas of over 5m without any joins, we also ensured that all vinyl edges were tucked neatly under plot sockets and edges corked to create a pristine, seamless finish which the client was delighted with.

Wall wrap design